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Duomo di Firenze



Nature and history

Sea, cities, mountains, lagoons and forests provide the perfect backdrop for experiencing the Italian terrain like true adventurers, including boat trips to the picturesque Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) in Capri, diving in the Parco Archeologico Sottomarino di Baia (Baia Underwater Park), open-air history lessons at Etruscan sites across Tuscany, and scooter tours of the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples).

Primo piano di coppia che applaude in teatro

Cultural immersion

Enjoy a concert at the Arena di Verona (Verona Amphitheatre), a ballet at the Teatro Antico di Taormina (Taormina Ancient Theatre), a folk festival in the “Città dei Trulli”, where you can marvel at the sea of white Apulian houses, followed by exhibitions, local events, film festivals and circus performances... We will also introduce you to Italy through the mediums of theatre, dance, music and performance.


Culinary experiences

To really understand Italy, you have to start at its heart: food! Why not take a gourmet cooking class with an award-winning chef, make your very own bar of Modica IGP chocolate, or try your hand at grape pressing or olive harvesting?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Dito sulla mappa

Modernity and technology

“Experiential” travel doesn’t just have to mean experiencing a country’s history and ancient customs. It can also be a thrilling experience that explores the wonders of the present day, thanks to the evolution of some of the most sophisticated technologies. In fact, even the most modern museums or interactive installations can be engaging and exciting. Like M9, Italy’s first fully multimedia digital museum.


Manufacturing and crafts

Handicraft production is a true flagship of Italian culture. With us, you can discover the workshops of entities that have made the Made in Italy brand famous all over the world: such as the inlay workshops in Sorrento, lace workshops in Venice or ceramic workshops in Caltagirone, where you can absorb the values of tradition, as well as the skill and wisdom of talented local craftspeople.

Bere vino

Food and wine trails

Italy is a paradise for the palate, and each region offers its own mouth-watering itineraries: from truffle hunting in Chianti to visiting wineries among the vineyards of the Langhe hills, from discovering the “jewels” of Parma (Prosciutto Crudo ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese) to stopping in Salento among the thousand-year-old olive trees of Apulia or following the Via Appia (Appian Way) among wine, oil and porchetta in the Castelli Romani regional park.

Scale in Puglia


Centro assistenza

24h Assistance

We employ a staff of multilingual professionals who are available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing our customers with maximum flexibility, fast and timely responses, and in-depth product knowledge.

Holder smartphone


Our booking and assistance centre offers multiple services including: ticket purchases for air, rail and sea travel, on-the-spot car rental (without the need for a credit card), private transfers, airport services, consular and entry visas, restaurant and event bookings, fast-track and online check-in.


Nothing is left to chance during your trip: your experiential holiday will be totally à la carte, crafted with attention to the smallest details, with the benefit of continuous and timely assistance throughout your trip.

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